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New type closed winch hoist

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1、 Working principle of new type closed winch hoist

The new type of closed winch hoist is a new generation of winch hoist which uses many patent technologies to innovate and upgrade the traditional winch hoist products. The working principle is: the hoist transmission mechanism uses the patented product gear chain and less tooth difference reducer to drive the drum to open and close the heavy load directly, cancels the open gear transmission, and realizes the closed transmission mechanism; the working brake of the hoist adopts the patent product of brake load limiting coupling, which has the functions of coupling, braking and load limit; the safety braking of the hoist adopts the patented production of the drum internal and external double brake device The product, directly brake the drum inside and outside the circular surface, achieve double braking effect. Through the breakthrough of the above key technologies such as low speed and heavy load of transmission system and safety and reliability of braking system, the new type of closed winch hoist has high transmission efficiency, strong anti overload capacity, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient use and maintenance. The overall structure of the project is as follows:

General structure of new type closed winch hoist

2、 Main innovation points of new type closed winch hoist

(1) The new type of closed hoist adopts the closed transmission structure of gear linked ring reducer with small tooth difference to drive the drum directly, which cancels the traditional open gear transmission. Compared with the traditional hoist, the whole structure of the hoist becomes more compact, the appearance is more beautiful and the weight is lighter.

(2) The connecting part of reducer and drum adopts involute spline pair with simple structure, convenient installation and large transmission torque.

New connection mode of closed winch hoist

(3) The braking system adopts high and low-speed three safety braking, with high working safety coefficient of the whole machine.

1. The high-speed shaft brake of lifting equipment is working brake. At present, electromagnet or hydraulic brake is widely used in high-speed braking of lifting equipment at home and abroad. This type of brake consumes electric energy as the power source of braking, which is an energy consumption product. In view of this energy consumption product, we have developed a new patent product of zxl brake load limiting coupling, which integrates the functions of braking, load limiting and coupling. Its braking function does not need any external force source, and directly uses the kinetic energy of the motor as the power source. The coupling is a new type of elastic coupling, which can be separated automatically when it is overloaded. The product has the advantages of compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and maintenance, high temperature resistance, quick braking, no friction load and unlimited starting times.

Connection mode of brake load limiting coupling

2. The low-speed brake of hoisting equipment is a safety brake, which usually directly brakes the drum. It is a low-speed safety braking device to prevent the failure of high-speed braking and the damage of the middle parts of the transmission chain. At present, disc brake is widely used in low speed safety braking of hoisting equipment at home and abroad. However, the disc brake has complex structure, huge volume and high manufacturing cost, so it is difficult to achieve the desired braking performance. Aiming at this kind of high cost and low benefit product, we have developed a new patent product of zlyz type double braking device for drum. This kind of brake device can directly brake the inner and outer circle surface of the drum end at the same time, which has the effect of double braking, greatly reducing the structure volume of the brake and improving the braking performance of the brake.

(4) The whole structure is unitary, modular and standardized.

Modularization and standardization have been realized in the overall design and manufacture of the new type closed hoist. For the hoist with standard head, all parts can be manufactured in a standardized way; for a hoist with non-standard head, only the frame and drum are designed and manufactured in a non-standard way, and the rest of the parts can be manufactured in a standardized way. The design efficiency, production efficiency and product quality are greatly improved, and the manufacturing cost is saved.

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