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QWJ single and two-way moving scraper cleaning machine

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QWJ series single and two-way rake bucket cleaning machine and its supporting hydraulic cleaning grab
Purpose: the cleaning grab is suitable for removing the dirt attached to the surface of the trash rack and sinking into the bottom of the trash rack at the intake of the power station and the water supply and drainage room.
Composition: it is mainly composed of hydraulic pump station, grab body (grab frame, rotary rake and shovel tooth) and underwater sealing cable joint.
Performance and characteristics:
1. The hydraulic system drives the grab to open and close, so that the grab has enough insertion force and good grasping effect; 2. The electrical system and hydraulic system are reliably sealed, so that the grab can work reliably under water for more than 150 meters; 3. The grab is guided by the guide slot in front of the trash rack. The shovel teeth can go deep into the surface of the trash rack. When the grab moves down, it can shovel and grab the dirt on the rack surface;4. The teeth of the grab bucket are sharp, which is especially suitable for grasping the dirt which is difficult to remove from the branches such as water grass, crops and straw; 5. For the power station with large orifice size, the rotary rake adopts the multi petal type, and each flap can be single acting and linkage, which can save the space for discharging sewage.

Main technical parameters

Cleaning widthM1~12
Capacitycubic metre0.5~12
Opening timeS~20
Closing timeS~25

Scope of supply: grab body, hydraulic system and water resistant sealing cable joint and cable. Cable reel device can also be provided.

As this product is a complete set of gantry crane and trash rack, the following parameters shall be provided for selection:
Size of supporting gantry crane lifting point and shaft, trash rack blade size, grab guide slot size (recommended guide slot width is about 600mm)

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