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ZXLbrake load limiting coupling

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(1) Working principle and structure:
ZXLSeries brake load limiting coupling is a patented product developed by our company. It is a new transmission device integrating braking, load limiting and coupling functions. The braking function of the product does not need any external force source. The coupling is a new type of elastic coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are automatically separated when overload. The product has the advantages of compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and maintenance, high temperature resistance, quick braking, no friction load and unlimited starting times. The working principle and structure diagram are as follows:

ZXLThree dimensional outline and internal structure of type-I brake load limiting coupling

二)、ZXLThe features of the brake load limiting coupling are as follows
1. The brake load limiting coupling is a mechanical structure without any external force source device.
2. It integrates coupling, brake and load limiter.
3. The action is quick and the operation frequency is not limited.
4. Compact structure, reliable use, convenient installation and maintenance.
5. The wear of friction element is uniform, and it can be compensated and adjusted.
6. The coupling is directly installed on the high-speed shaft of the machine or directly connected with the motor.
7. Ordinary coupling and motor brake can be cancelled, and non braking motor and braking load limiting coupling can be used.
8. Overload signal device can be installed according to user's requirements for overload shutdown.

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