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QJ, QY series cylindrical gear reducer

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QJ, QY series of cylindrical gear reducer for crane is mainly applicable to the running mechanism of crane. Also widely used in transportation, metallurgy, mining, light industry and other mechanical equipment transmission mechanism. Its main performance features are as follows:
1. The range of reduction ratio is wide, and the nominal speed ratio is 10 ~ 500;
2. Mechanical transmission efficiency is high, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, high bearing capacity;
3. Easy to disassemble and install.
4. High bearing capacity.
5. Small size, light weight.
6. High efficiency, low noise and low vibration. The gear grinding process improves the accuracy level, and the comprehensive efficiency of each stage of gear is 0.98;
7. This series has three or four levels of combination type (that is, three-stage assembly type, four-stage transmission), which provides the premise for the generalization of slow-moving cranes.

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