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QSR series helical gear coaxial reducer motor

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Overview of QSR series helical gear coaxial reducer motor
1. Small offset output, compact structure, maximize the use of box space, two, three levels in the same box
2. It is easy to improve the strength of the shaft and the life of the bearing.
3. Installation mode: base type installation, flange type with large and small flange is easy to choose
4. The average efficiency of solid shaft output is 96% in the second stage, 94% in the third stage and 85% in the CR / Cr ratio.
5. Reduction ratio: basic two stage 5 ~ 24.8, third stage 27.2 ~ 264, combination can be 18125.
6. The rotation direction of the two-stage input and output of the basic type is the same, but the three-stage is opposite. Consult separately when combining.
7. CRM series specially designed for mixing can bear large axial force and radial force.

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