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CHC series gear reducer with small tooth difference

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CHC type gear reducer with small tooth difference is a new generation of reducer designed and developed by our company. The reducer is composed of two parts: the high-speed light load part of the involute cylindrical gear drive and the low-speed and heavy-duty part of the serial small tooth difference transmission. The power is input from the high-speed light load involute cylindrical gear transmission system, and is decelerated by the intermediate transition gear In the system, the two eccentric supporting shafts input the same phase power at the same time to drive the ring inner gear plate to make reciprocating plane motion. The low-speed output gear with small tooth difference is meshed with the inner gear ring of the inner ring gear plate with multiple teeth entering the meshing area at the same time. Through the transmission principle of small tooth difference, the power is converged to the output external gear, so as to realize the purpose of high-speed light load to low-speed heavy-duty.
In the internal meshing gear transmission with small tooth difference, there exists the phenomenon of multiple teeth meshing at the same time, so that the total load of the gear is shared by each tooth pair at the same time, and the actual load borne by the tooth will be greatly reduced. The more the number of gear teeth and the greater the load concentration, the more teeth will be meshed at the same time. Compared with the traditional reducer, the remarkable feature of the transmission device is that multiple teeth of the output gear pair enter the meshing area at the same time, which greatly improves the transmission torque. The reducer also has large transmission ratio (the maximum speed ratio can reach 20000), large bearing capacity (the maximum transmission torque can reach 1000KN. M), strong overload resistance, large load ratio (load ratio refers to the ratio of bearing capacity [KG. M] to self weight [kg], the maximum ratio can reach 6.5), compact structure, light weight, high transmission efficiency, long service life, convenient maintenance and performance The energy price ratio is high. As a new type of advanced transmission mechanism, CHC gear ring reducer with small tooth difference can be widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, lifting and transportation, metallurgy, mining, construction machinery, petroleum, chemical, national defense engineering, port and ship, light industry and other major industrial fields. At present, the product has formed a series of products, which can replace planetary gear reducer, cycloid pin gear reducer, cylindrical gear reducer, worm gear reducer and three ring reducer.

Performance comparison table of CHC series small tooth difference reducer and similar reducer

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