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QS, QSE, LG, QSF "three in one" reducer

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Product overview:
1. QS, QSE series "three in one" reducer integrates reducer, motor and brake, and has the characteristics of parallel output with motor shaft, compact structure, large torque transmission, stable operation, low noise and long service life.
2. "Three in one" reducer for LG series clutch roller table is the latest patent product developed by our company on the basis of QS and QSE series "three in one" reducer. It is mainly used in roller conveyor lines requiring unidirectional transmission torque and continuous operation. The overrun clutch device of the output shaft can ensure the output shaft to rotate passively when the reducer fails, without affecting the work of the conveyor line.
3. The gear and gear shaft of reducer are made of high-quality alloy steel. After carburizing, quenching and grinding, the hardness and precision of gear surface are high, and the transmission noise is low.
4. Reduction ratio range: QSE standard nominal reduction ratio range is 4 ~ 12.5, QS, LG standard nominal reduction ratio range is 14 ~ 100. Special orders are required for those beyond the range of standard nominal reduction ratio.
5. Simple installation and diversified types. The main installation type is torque support hole installation, and it can also be made into base type installation, output shaft flange installation and other installation types according to user requirements.
6. The output forms of output shaft are diversified, mainly including hollow spline shaft, hollow flat key shaft and hollow shaft with locking plate output according to user requirements.
7. high average efficiency: QSE type is not less than 95%, QS, LG type is not less than 94%.

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