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Hydraulic hoist

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  The working principle of the hydraulic hoist: the hydraulic pump is driven by the motor to form the working pressure, and the working pressure is sent to the hydraulic cylinder through the circuit valve set by the hydraulic medium, and the gate connected with the piston rod is driven to work, forming a work process of energy conversion of electrical energy → mechanical energy → hydraulic energy → mechanical energy.
  The type of hydraulic hoist: according to the gate opening and closing, it is divided into ordinary flat door, fast flat door, arc gate and miter gate hydraulic hoist; according to the structure of hoist oil cylinder, it is divided into piston type and plunger type hydraulic hoist; according to the installation type of hoist, it is divided into vertical, horizontal, swing and back pull hydraulic hoist.
  Structure of hydraulic hoist: the hydraulic hoist is composed of two systems: hydraulic transmission system and electrical control system. The conventional hydraulic transmission system is composed of hydraulic pump station, hydraulic control valve group, hydraulic cylinder assembly, pipeline and auxiliary parts; the electrical control system is composed of low-voltage electric panel, console, control and opening display device.

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