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★ Company headquarters

Address: No.138, Tongxin Road, Yongan Avenue, Xianan District, Xianning City, Hubei Province

General manager office:0715-8316200

Deputy General Sales Office:0715-8332636

Company office:0715-8322725(Fax)

Sales Department:0715-8320130;8322672


Engineering Technology Research Center:0715-8340641(Fax)

Manufacturing department:0715-8316201;8316205

                        8316205(Purchasing group) (Fax)

Quality control department:0715-8375163  8375163 (Fax)

After sales service telephone:0715-8375163

Postal Code:437000

Enterprise mailbox(E-mail) box)

   (Sales Department mailbox)

Enterprise website(http)  ://

General website: Sanhe electromechanical  Three in one reducer  Hydraulic hoist

★ Sales network

★ Sales headquarters

Deputy General Sales Office:0715-8332636

Sales Department:0715-8320130;8322672


Major national offices

Hubei sales

Contact person: Shi Tao, Xiong Jindian

contact number:13872178158(Shi Tao)

                   13986628567(Xiong Jindian)

Sales in Beijing, Tianjin and Hunan

Contact person: Wan Gang

contact number:13971801393

Shanghai Office

Sales in Anhui, Gansu and Qinghai

Guizhou (hoist) sales

Contact person: Zhang Yuanqi

contact number:13907248090

Sales in Shanxi and Shandong

Contact person: Wu Changbai

contact number:13907241221

Fujian Office, Zhejiang Province

Contact person:Cheng bin

contact number:13807248488

Northeast Office

Contact person:Chen Kexin

contact number:13807248931

Hebei Office

Contact person:Zhang Haibin

contact number:13508648761

Sales in Sichuan and Chongqing

Contact person:Zou Weibin

contact number:13508648707

Jiangsu Office

Contact person:Zhang xiongbin

contact number:13807240062

Sales in Yunnan

Guizhou (reducer) sales

Contact person:Chen Qingping

contact number:13886540216

Jiangxi sales

Contact person:Chen Honghai

contact number:13807248834